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143-6_CSB102 : 《中文聖經啟導本》增訂新版_華麗版(紅皮面) Chinese Bible mentoring bible updated version (red surface) (Traditional)

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作者: 海天書樓



1. 經文註釋增加了近20萬字的新條目,擴大到超過150萬字 

2. 全部註釋編入了一個逾30面的索引,將逾百萬字的註釋貫通而成一個整體,有如多了一部小百科全書 

3. 根據最新資料,增加了近百幅圖片與圖表,使許多經文和有關史地背景有了一目了然的圖像說明,全書圖片逾400幅 

4. 保持正文中久受讀者欣賞的C(現代用語)P(難字讀音)T(譯註)小註的特色,但做了補充與修訂,更臻完美 

5. 補增了書後獨有的佔70餘面的【主題索引】,便利研經講道和主日學教材的參考 

6. 全書文字用最新設計也最養目數碼化【活字】系列重新排植,美麗顯眼,版面勻稱 

7. 主耶穌說的話,包括直接和引用,印高雅紅字 

8. 全書彩色印刷,為中文聖經出版以來首部全以四色和雙色合併印製的有註釋聖經 

9. 由名廠特別產製的超薄不透高質聖經紙印製,全書增至2100餘面,但重量輕了,厚度薄了 

10. 附有新舊約闊景彩色大地圖二幅,書後原11幅地圖改用四色印刷 

11. 聖經封面採用美國名廠豪華再造真皮面 

12. 書脊增加古典皇冠環,加燙金花飾,堅固牢實





1 Scripture notes an increase of nearly 200,000 words new entries, expanding to over 1.5 million words


(2) All comments incorporated into an index of over 30 face the Notes through more than a million words from a whole, much like a small encyclopedia


3 according to the latest data, an increase of nearly a hundred pictures and diagrams, many scriptures and have a glance on history and geography background image description, the book has over 400 pictures


4 maintain the body for a long time by its readers appreciate C (modern term) P (difficult word pronunciation) T (Annotation) small bet of features, but do supplement and amendment to perfection


5 of Supplementary unique account of the book more than 70 surface [Subject Index], facilitating Bible preaching and teaching Sunday School reference


6 book text with the latest and most support projects designed to digitize [type] Series rearrange plants, beautiful conspicuous, well-proportioned layout


7 Jesus said so, including direct and references printed elegant red


8 full-color printing, for the Chinese since the first full publication of the Bible in four-color and two-color printed annotated Bible merger


9 made ​​by the famous factory specially produce high-quality ultra-thin impermeable paper printed the Bible, the book increased to more than 2100 faces, but lightweight, and the thickness of thin


10 Old and New Testaments with a wide view large color map of two, the book instead of the original 11 four-color printed map


11 The Bible cover name used by the U.S. Factory Deluxe recycled leather surface


12 increased spine classical crown ring, plus gilt floral, sturdy real prison


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