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'till the whole world knows  10 years of night and day worship  15 singalbe songs for the young at heart  150  2003年  2004年  2005年  2010台灣心火傳承特會  2010慕主先鋒教會冬令會信息  4718467100428  4718467100640  4718467100671  4892511003689  9789579183581 如何為你的孩子禱告  9789579183888 如何為你的妻子禱告  9789579183970 心思的戰場  9789579507196 從監獄到讚美  9789622089891  9789861980621  9789866205118 使徒信經漫畫  9789866205125 十誡漫畫  9789866205132 主禱文漫畫  9789866259180 如何為你的丈夫禱告  9789866259210 跟憂慮說Bye Bye  9789866805004 讚美的大能  9789866805059 樂在禱告  9789866805134 扭轉一切的禱告  9789866805493 和神心意的母親  9789866805608 成功作自己  9789867750013 合神心意的的女人  9789867750044 如何會妳自己禱告  9789867750150 合神心意的男人  9789867750259 如何經歷共同禱告的能力  9789867750372 屬天的征戰  9789867750396 信心的能量  9789867750587 合神心意的丈夫  9789867750594 合神心意的妻子  9789867750624  9789867750802 服事可以不流淚  9789867750969 自在作自己  A husband after God's own heart  A mom after God's own heart  A wife after God's own heart  A woman's call to prayer  Abba send your Spirit  Alabaster  Alberto Rivera  All I Kno  An instrumental supplement for harp & bowl prayer meetings  Ancient Paths (Music CD)  Apostolic witness  Approval addiction  Arms Wide Open  Army from the River of Fire  As You are  asdf  awaken the groan  Battlefield of the Mind  Be exalted  Beautiful  Beautiful Heart  Beautiful mercy  Behold God is great  Beloved  Ben Woodward  Benjamin Chan  Blazing Beauty  Bob Weiner  bowl  Breaking the power of evil  Breaking the worry heart forever  C12SS01G  C12SS01H  C12SS03S  C12TS01G  C12TS01H  C12TS03H  C12TS03S  Captivated by Your Love  Carving out a place  Christmas Calm  Come AS Close As You Want  Come up here  Comeback to Me  Constant  Cooing of Doves  Corey Russell  Cory Asbury  Counting Your Blessings of Love  Darrell Six  David Brymer  David Yonggi Cho 趙鏞基  Days of Noah  Deeper Still  Dream songs 9  emotions  End of the age  EP(Music CD)  Eternity(Music CD)  Eyes for only You  Eyes Opened  Fling Wide  Fling Wide(Music CD)  Follow the Lamb  Forever I will sing  Forever I will sing(intro)  Forevermore  Found faithful  Found Faithful(Music CD)  Fresh Oil Vol 1  Gazing Vol 1  Generation de gloria  Gift of God  Give in to me  Glory in the Desert  Glory will cover the earth  God is alive  God of lights  Going Deeper  Good Buddies  harp  He bled  He is risen (Music CD)  He loved me to the end  Here when me now  His Justice  His Names  Holy  Holy Three  How Great is Our God  How I Love Your Love  How to succeed at being yourself  Hungry for Friends  I am Yours  I can't wait  I lift up my eyes  I love Your presence  I parise You alone  I remember  I want to know Him  I will praise You  i24  IHOP  IHOP-KC room  Imagine  immersed  Indewelling Spirit  instrumental  Instrumental Series Volume 3  Instrumental series Volume I  Intercession  Intercessory Worship  Intercessory worship tracks  international house of prayer  Isacc Meyer  Jenny Powell  Jesus  Jim George 吉姆喬治  Joel's trumpets  Jordan Johnson  Joyful is His Tent Among Us  Judgement are better than gold  Julie Meyer  Justin Rizzo  Kimberly Rivera  Kirk Dearman  Knowledge of God  Laura Hackett  Let's survive this  liberated  Living hope  Living to intercede  Living worship of Shelley Hundley  Lord  Love's mystery  Lovesick  Luke Hendrickson  Luke Wood  Lydia Hendrickson  Majestic Splendor  Mary Rice Hopkins  Matt Gilman  Merchant Band  Misty Edward  Misty Edwards  Momentary light affliction  music cd  music for worship  My God is King  my only passion  My Soul Cries  My soul rests on You  my testimony  Never Ending Yearnings  Nick Syrett  Nicksyrett  Omnipoint  One Day as a Thousand Years  One Day As If A Thousand Years  One on one 靈修音樂  Onething CD/DVD-Holy to the Lord  Onething CD/DVD-pursuit of the holy  Outpouring  Pablo Perez  Pablo Perez Instrumental chord progressions for prayer meeting  Pablo Perez & friends  Paint your picture  Pastor Grace Chiang  Pastoring without tears  Piano  piano & voice  piano instrumental  Plumbing the Depth of His Heart  Pocket size  Point of Life  Point of life(Music CD)  Power in Praise 莫林凱勒斯 Merlin R. Carothers  Prayer  Prayer for the revelation of Jesus  prayers  Prayers and proclamations  Preserve me  Prison to praise  proclamations  proclamations of a good God  Prophetic Music  Psalm  Psalm 93  Put Your Heart in Me  Ravished  Release the Longing  Relentless  Rend  Repentance  Resource( 中英Music CD)  Resting Place  Restoration  Reveal the beauty of your son  Rick Joyner  River of Desire  Rooted and grounded in love  Ruth Fazal  S12SS01H  S12SS01Y  S12SS03H  S12SS03S  S12TJ01H  S12TS03H  S12TS03S  Satisfy  Seated with Christ  Secret Garden Frolic  Sent laborers  Silence  Silence Calls  Silently waiting  Sing Hallelujah  sleepwalking  So Good  Solitude 1&2  Solitude 3  Son Of Meekness  songs of love and friendship  Soul Cry  Standing on the Wall  Symphony Music  Take My Heart  Thank You Jesus  The apostle's creed  The Calm Vol 1  The Calm Vol 2  The Collection(Music CD)  The cry  The dream  the fire on the altar  The joy in Your presence  The lord's prayer  The power of a praying husband  The power of a praying parent  The power of a praying wife  The power of a praying woman  The power of praying together  The prayer that changes everything  The river-It is well  The river-Knowing You  The ten commandments  The weight and the Glory  There's a gap  Thirsty for you  This is true life  Thorne of God  Through Eyes of Faith  Thy eternal will  Tim Reimeherr  Tim Reimherr  Torchbearers Of War  Tree  Twenty four Seven II  Unceasing  United We Stand  urgent for the hour  Use your faith energy  Vocal Selah  Wake me up  War in Heaven  Warring bridegroom  we need revival  Wedding Song  Weep with Me  Welyar Kauntu  When I am afraid  When the Cool Wind Blows  Where I belong  who do you say that I am  Who is the King of Glory  Wilderness Songs of Joy  With You in the Cool of the Day  word of the Lord  worship songs  You alone are worthy  You are Great  You are my Lord  You purchased me  You take my breath away  You won't relent  Your are Everlasting and True  Your enduring love  Your riches beyond fathom  一日千年  不可少的一件事  不能震動的國  主你聖名配得讚美  井水湧上來  交友與婚姻  伊莉莎白喬治 Elizabeth George  何等愛你  你愛沁我心  你所愛的  你是我主  信心中的看見  信靠與禱告  傳福音與門徒培訓  傳福音與門徒培訓(MP3CD)  傾心吐意  內在生活特會專題信息  全所有  全然歸你  共遊隱秘樂園  冬令特會現場敬拜詩歌  分享爭戰得勝  分享神的愛情  勝於塵土  口袋書  史多美奧瑪森 Stormie Omartian  吉姆喬治 Jim George  启示与文字: 中文圣经翻译的故事  唐子明  唱哈利路亞  喬依絲邁爾 Joyce Meyer  因愛而美麗威武  因神的名歡呼喜樂  在祢面前的滿足  基督徒的屬靈位份  基督教  夏令特會  夏令特會現場敬拜詩歌  大海的召喚  大衛帳幕的榮耀  天起涼風時  天開了  天開了的富足  天開了的生活  奧秘水晶河  如何培育神國的下一代  安靜中的大能  專題信息  尊榮權柄  屬靈四定律  屬靈爭戰  希伯來書  徐國明  復興禱告的靈火  思考  恢復神兒子的尊貴 上  恢復神兒子的尊貴 下  恩典和榮耀  愛中的順服  愛的家庭系列  愛的表達  感謝你  慕主先鋒傳播事工  慕主創作歌曲  慕主創作詩歌  慕主書房最新創作  慕主音樂  慕創詩歌選輯優惠特價  我们同心合意  我在這  我深愛你  我的榮耀  我舉目仰望  我靈單單安息於你  手持火把的戰士  承受美地為業  拉鍊  敬拜CD  敬拜詩歌  文體  新婦之歌  是你!聖靈!  曠野中的樂歌  更深認識你  期盼  桑戴阿得拉加 Sunday Adelaja  標準裝  歸回  每首歌都有 琴與爐敬拜  永恆,真實主  江秀琴牧師  活在神的愛中  浸字  演奏版  火河軍隊  火蝴蝶  為榮耀君王預備道路  烈火中的思念  烈火中的思念(慕創詩歌本)  無盡的思念  燃燒新婦  燙金  燙銀  琴與爐 特會末尾敬拜  生命聖靈的律  生命轉化釋放權能  白邊  白金山  看榮耀君王降臨這地  真皮  真皮燙  石心變肉心  破除邪惡勢力  硬面  硬面精裝  祂永遠看顧你  神之道  神悅納的日子  神悅納的日子2  神愛的低語  神的帳幕歡樂在人間  祢已奪我心  祢永恆的心意  祢測不透的豐富  童稚般的歡樂  第一輯  第三輯  第二輯  等不及  等候神音樂  精裝  約拿書  細數你的愛  翻譯  耶和華賜下歡欣快樂  耶穌 我唯一的熱情  耶穌 謙和之子  耶穌你來  耶穌對我真好  耶穌謙和之子  聖經新譯本  聽啊!是我良人的聲音  聽我呼求  與你相戀  與祢獨處  茫茫曠野的跋涉  莫林凱勒斯 Merlin R. Carothers  葉光明 Derek Prince  處理過犯  見證  認識神  認識神的子民  誓言  誰是那榮耀君王  讓兒女明白生命的意義 上  讓兒女明白生命的意義 下  讓自己成為健康的父母 下  讓自己成為健康的父母(潘可人長老分享)  讚美的帳幕  赴羔羊的婚宴現場詩歌精選集  跨入無限的時空  輕便裝  轉化我國家  進入神心靈的深淵  遷入新家  金鐘斗  銀拉鍊  開啟神豐富的鑰匙  雖然黑卻是秀美  雷克喬納  靈命進修  領受新名  飛出得勝的戰舞(慕創詩歌本)  高臺  鶼鰈情深  默然等侯  齊邊