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TD3609 基督教與現代社會的爭論──道德、政治與「宗教右派」Christianity and the Debates in Contemporary Society: Morality, Politics & the "Religious Right"

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作者: 關啟文


講權利,講自由,這是民主黨和美國左派的傳統;相反,講人倫,講道德,講家庭,講國家,講責任,就是共和黨和美國右派的傳統了。(蔡子強,《新君王論 V》,香港:上書局,2009,頁101)









"Left wing" and "right wing" which is the term usually be traced back to the emergence of the French Revolution, dating back to 1789 seats in the National Assembly on the arrangements. Then, republican and radical left sitting President of the Assembly, while the royalists and conservatives are sitting on the right. (Susan Sontag book ‧ Cheng Wei translation, "Illness as Metaphor", Shanghai: Shanghai Translation Publishing House, 2003, page 84)


About rights, about freedom, which is the tradition of the Democratic Party and the American Left; contrary, speak of human relations, ethical, about family, about countries, responsibility, that is, the Republican Party and the American right-wing tradition. (Ivan Choy, the "new king of V", Hong Kong: the bookstore, 2009, page 101)


Which camp do you belong? Why not "religion" and "right" will be together? So that engendered religion religious right + right =


Has Hong Kong "religious right"? If so, what exactly is community? The so-called "religious right" is true, as some discussion said, with the government and formed a close relationship (Church and State collusion), in some policies and legislation have a significant impact, and even formed a religious hegemony? This book can expect clouds are cleared for everyone, really know about the legend of the religious right in Hong Kong, as well as the legend behind the distorted truth.


This book is not simply a response to the debate about the religious right, but we hope to widen horizons, try it with some of Christianity and modern society debate (especially in the situation of Hong Kong), for everyone to make a more comprehensive analysis.


In "Volume> Author will talk touching on the relationship between Christianity and contemporary politics, but in the" Volume II> The author will focus on religious values ​​and modern social issues.


Want to really understand a person, a group, a camp, or a faction, the most basic is to look at some of their firsthand information is now in front of everyone.




Old people at the time Jesus said, "I liken this generation? Like children sitting in the markets, and calling companions say: We have piped unto you, and you did not dance; we have mourned unto you, ye have not lamented. John came , and did not eat or drink, and they say, He hath a devil; Son of man came eating and drinking, and they say he is a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners. "Meiko Society and the Hong Kong Sex Culture Society, in the past days, by the very many within the church to teach outside unreasonable defamatory, scandalous, has come to completely irrational situation. Although STL Sex Culture Society and co-workers still stand where not only express Christian values, but also on behalf of the majority of Hong Kong people's core values, the grassroots (such as anti-gambling), the traditional core values ​​of the Chinese people (eg Follow Obscene), maintaining family interests (such as the proposed amendments to Domestic Violence Ordinance), are silent on behalf of the majority of Hong Kong Hong Kong people. However, repeating the lie right to know the inside, it is very easy to become the truth, the book's publication became necessary ︰ set the record straight, in order to clear the truth. I think all follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, believers, pastors, seminary students, etc., must be a reading, you just understand how truly pluralistic society in mainly Christian witness.
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